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The Signs of Hearing Loss

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Some people aren’t aware that they have a hearing problem. You might be one of them, so we’d like you to get your hearing checked. It’s also important for caregivers and those who are close to you know the signs of hearing loss so they can spot hearing problems in you.


The signs of hearing loss

  • The person asks you to repeat what you have said (especially when he or she can’t see your face).
  • The person’s answers to your questions are a bit “off”.
  • The person is often distracted during group activities.
  • The person tends to isolate him- or herself when there are group activities.
  • The person stares at you when you are speaking.
  • The person doesn’t answer when you speak to him or her and doesn’t turn to face you.
  • The person’s friends and family comment on his or her hearing (e.g. television, telephone, etc.).

Test your hearing by filling out the questionnaire or doing the online test.

Reproduced with written permission from the author, Hélène Caron.
Questionnaire created by Hélène Caron, M.O.A., Audiologist, Institut Raymond-Dewar, scientifically validated by Michel Picard, PhD, Full Professor of Audiology, Université de Montréal.
Published in collaboration with the Fondation Surdité et Communication at the Institut Raymond-Dewar.