All the requests for donations submitted at the Fondation Groupe Forget are carefully considered by the donation committee. The 3 criteria for the consideration of donation are:


The person is socially active?

Hearing lost

What is the degree of hearing lost?


Can the person afford one or two hearing aids?


To receive help from the Foundation, you must be or represent:

  • A person who has hearing loss and is in need (child or adult, no age requirement)
  • A student or researcher in hearing
  • A non-profit association or foundation in hearing

Make a request in 4 steps

Make sure you complete all sections of the application form and send all the attachments indicated including your letter to explain how we can help. Please note that incomplete requests cannot be assessed.

1. Forms

Download and complete the request form corresponding to your situation.

I am an

I represent an organization

2. Documentation

Attach all the documents corresponding to your situation, as indicated in the form.

3. Presentation

Support your documentation with a personal letter explaining how our help would be useful to you.

4. Submit

Send you completed request at:
Fondation Groupe Forget
9293, ThimensStreet
Pierrefonds (Quebec) H8Y 0A1

Or by email at: don@fondationgroupeforget.ca

(The video is available in French only)


All requests will be reviewed by the Donation Committee. You will receive a response within 45 days by receiving your complete file. For more information regarding your request, do not hesitate to contact us at:

1-877-VOTREVIE (1-877-868-7384) or at don@fondationgroupeforget.ca.