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The hearing in brief

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The mission of the Fondation Groupe Forget:
the gift of hearing

The Fondation Groupe Forget is a charitable organization whit the mission to improve the life of people with hearing problems conditions, which is defined more specifically by the following 5 points:


Help people with hearing loss in need

through the allocation of donations for hearing aids, assistants to hearing or professional care.

Help hearing-impaired children

to participate in activities and educative programs to promote their development.


Encourage the next generation

by offering scholarship for students in hearing health.


Support associations

and non-profit organizations working for hearing health.

Public awareness

Listening to needs

Since it was founded in 2008, the Fondation Groupe Forget has provided $3 000,000 in hearing aids, hearing tests and accessories. It has also made it possible for children with severe hearing loss to go to camps that are specially adapted to their needs. The Donation Attribution Committee meets monthly to assess each new case.

This video by Steve Forget, President of Fondation Groupe Forget, perfectly summarizes the mission, history and operation of the fondation.

Please note the video is available only in french.

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