The hearing in brief

Strategies to Communicate with a Person with Hearing Loss

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For friends and family

  • Get the person’s attention before speaking to him or her.
  • Chose a bright, calm place; avoid ambient noise.
  • Stand or sit directly in front of the person.
  • Speak slowly and clearly without exaggerating your pronunciation. Do not yell.
  • Avoid hiding your lips and lowering or turning your head.
  • Specify the subject of conversation. Let the person know if the subject changes.
  • Use short, simple sentences.
  • If a message is not understood, say it again in different words.
  • Use relevant gestures.
  • If necessary, write down the key words.

For the people with hearing loss

  • Let the person know you are hard of hearing.
  • Ask your friends and family to stay close to you and to always speak face-to-face to you.
  • Let your friends and family know that it is important to only speak to one person at a time.
  • Stand with your back to a window or a light.
  • Eliminate or avoid ambient noise.
  • Ask what the subject of conversation is.
  • Ask people to speak slowly and clearly.
  • Have people repeat what they said in other words.
  • Carry a small notebook and pencil for people to write down words you didn’t understand.
  • Affix the ear sticker to your medical insurance card.